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Posts published in October 1988

Smithtown FD-House fire on Baylor Drive

October 29, 1988. Fire reported at 2038 hours. Fire in a vacant house but I don’t have the exact #. Kings Park FD sent an…

Smithtown FD-House fire on Aron Street

October 25, 1988. 23 Aron Street. Fire in the boiler room on the lower level with extension. Smithtown Fire Marshals handle the investigation.

Centereach FD-Fire at the SmithHaven Mall

October 24, 1988. Fire in the public bathroom in the food court of the mall. Nesconset auto mutual. Fire investigation handled by the Lake Grove…

Centereach FD-Fire at the SmithHaven Mall

October 23, 1988. Compactor fire inside the rear of Red Robin Restaurant (Now TGI Fridays). This is the second fire here in two weeks. Mutual…

Hauppauge FD-Fire at the Islandia Hilton hotel

September 21, 1988, 1340 hours. Mutual aid from Smithtown. Fire reported at approximately 1340 hours. Building was in the final phase of construction. There were…

Nesconset FD-Open House

October 9, 1988. Photos and blurb in the Smithtown News 10-13-1988 edition.

Smithtown FD-House fire on Hill Lane

October 4, 1988. Don’t have an exact address. Fire reported at 1606 hours. Fire in the hallway. Arson Squad handles.