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Centereach FD-Fuel spill at QuickChek

May 7, 2022 1535 hours. Suffolk Police were called to the QuickChek gas station at 2686 Middle Country Road in regard to an irate subject who after spilling fifteen gallons of gas on the ground demanded that the station refund his money. The fuel spill was a result of the customer failing to notice that there was no hose connected to the pump handle before attempting to use the pump. Police arrived and found that the station employees had not taken any action to mitigate the spill. Police called the Centereach Fire Department and the Lake Grove Fire Marshal. Firefighters arrived, shut down the pump islands and applied a large amount of speedy dry in an effort to keep the gasoline from entering the storm drains. Unfortunately the heavy rain made this impossible. The Fire Marshal ordered that the station manager contact their cleanup vendor and also requested a response from the DEC. Once the cleanup was completed and the sewers pumped out, all of the pump islands were reopened with the exception of the one that was broken. There were no injuries.

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