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What is this page about?

I have had a number of websites over the years, all dealing with different facets of the fire service. At this point, I have decided to put everything in one place. It will take some time to add all of the previous posts as well as the historic data, the photos from Manukski Park and everything from the history calendar, but thats fine as you won’t be seeing this until quite a bit of that has been completed.

This is not a “for profit” site, it’s a history site. As such, there are not a ton of photos or videos from these incidents because I don’t buff calls. If you have photos or videos from any incident that is posted here and you would like me to add them, email them to [email protected]. I can’t pay you but I will certainly give you credit, add a link to your site etc..

More importantly, if you read a post here and find a typo or have more information or want to comment, please feel free. If you know of a fire or other interesting fire department related incident from within the Smithtown Township or Village of Lake Grove, please send it my way so that I can add it here.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the content.

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