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Fire at Branchbrook Elementary School on Ridgely Road in 1976.

Posted 12/27/1976

December 26, 1976. From Franklin P. Micciche: A snowy night with treacherous roads. 4-2-2 was dispatched for an investigation of smell of smoke in the vicinity of the school. Crew in the house of Matt Kondenar Jr., Charlie Malloy (a probie at the time), and myself arrived to find heavy smoke from the front door and heavy fire conditions inside.

An immediate working 13 was dispatched. Since we didn't gear up for the investigation and because Charlie was untrained to use a pack we went in without them. I have to compliment Charlie Malloy who accompanied me under hot flames riding the ceiling to the fire source with a line. What an introduction to fire fighting. He was fearless.

We saw audio equipment scattered about and suspected theft and arson. It was and some neighborhood teens were prosecuted.

Don Kondenar was Chief of Department and the OIC

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