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Commack handles multiple CO calls in the days after storm rolls through

Posted 7/3/2019

In the days following the Sunday storm that wreaked havoc on parts of the Smithtown Township (see earlier story), many residents relied on generator power. Unfortunately, many people don't know how to properly use a generator in spite of all of the warnings that come with them.

People unsafely back feed into their panel through an outlet or place the generator in a garage or up against the house. As expected, the fire departments respond to electrical fires in many of these houses as once the local utility restores power, the panels and some of the equipment is blown out.  Having a generator running against the house results in two common responses by the fire departments. The exhaust from the generators melts and ignites the plastic vinyl siding and the exhaust gases enter the structure and poison the occupants with carbon monoxide.

In the incident pictured below on Fern Drive, the occupant had the generator right up against the combustible railing and near the back of the house. Commack FD personnel responded to an automatic alarm at this location and found CO levels well over 400PPM. The occupants inside had no idea that there was a problem. FD personnel ventilated the house and the generator was shut down.

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